Thursday, July 30, 2009


The news coming out of Kyrgyzstan this week has a hint of positivity with a giant helping of uncertainty. It does not appear we are close to a resolution and if I may be slightly less than optimistic and positive for a moment, I have strong doubts that K will be home this year. Honestly, how long can this possibly go on?

Sunday, July 26, 2009


Well, the election is over (hopefully) and the outcome was pretty much as I expected. The incumbent president, Bakyiev, has "won" and life in the Kyrgyz Government should return to normal. Yeah - right and I've got a bridge to sell you. There are accusations of ballot stuffing and coercion flying all over and opposition parties are calling for a re-run. While I doubt strongly that that will happen, I expect things will remain quite tense for months to come.
What is so sad is that the honest, hardworking people of Kyrgyzstan who want so desperately to believe their country is a democracy and that their votes really do count, aren't being allowed to feel that sense of pride.

I would be a fool to speculate about how this could/will affect our pending adoption. All year the thought was just get through the election and things will get back on track. I'm not so sure that "getting through" this election is going to have any effect at all.

Monday, July 13, 2009

Kyrgyz Kids Rock!

As do Kazakh, Russian and US kids! :)

I had the pleasure on Sunday to be surrounded by some of the most wonderful children in the world (and their parents, too). We hosted a little WI-Kyrgyzstan Family Picnic and I finally got to meet blog buddy, Janiece, her incredible family, and reconnect with two other families of 3 beautiful Kyrgyz adoptees. The weather couldn't have been more beautiful and I think fun was had by all.

We tried really hard to get pictures of the kids sitting together and while it was a valiant effort, children of this particular age group don't seem real interested in posing for a photo op. Try to get them sitting, looking ahead and smiling all at the same time - forget it. They're still pretty darn cute, though!

The whole group!

Julia's expression says it all......

I can't wait until next year when there will be 2 more! (right, Jes?) ;)

Saturday, July 11, 2009

One Year Ago Today.....

We received a referral of a tiny, three week old baby girl. It took us a matter of minutes to decide that she would be our daughter very soon. That was then.
She is now over a year old (albeit the size of a 3 month old) and we are still waiting. Nothing is happening in Kyrgyzstan. There's been positive press over the last month thanks to our three Kyrgyz Delegates, but nothing solid. We all keep hoping that after the election in 12 days, we will see movement.
Deep down, I fear that is just another arbitrary date that come and go with all the rest.