Saturday, November 9, 2013 Angel

There's a newish button the sidebar of my blog. I decided this year to become an Angel Tree Warrior for a Reece's Rainbow kiddo after I stumbled across Ulysses. Read his profile and I think it'll be apparent why I fell so hard for him. He reminds me of someone pretty special in my life. I just know he would be a very loved and welcome addition to a family. Unfortunately so many of the families like ours who are willing and able to adopt children like Ulysses are not in a financial position to do so. That's where we as a community can come together to break down those barriers and pave the road to freedom for a child. This little boy can thrive, he CAN and he WOULD. I have living proof right in front of me. Please consider a donation of any amount to Ulysses' Angel Tree fund. It is 100% secure, tax deductible, and 100% goes to him - just click the Angel Tree button to the right. Help us reach our goal of adding $1000 to his fund by Christmas.