Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Wisconsin SOS Rocks!

I had the day off yesterday because I worked the whoooole weekend so I took our dossier to the Sec of State Office for authentication. I dropped it off at 8:30 and spent the rest of my morning running a million errands. I got a call at 11:50 letting me know my documents were done so I turned around and went right back to get them. I would say that a 3hr 20min turnaround time on an entire dossier cannot be beat by anyone! Thank you lovely SOS ladies for your hard work!

This weekend I emailed our state representative regarding an ongoing problem we are having with USCIS with regard to E's citizenship. They happily accepted the application and took our money back in October, but have yet to produce a certificate or an explanation about what is taking so long with his case. Well, I've had it and decided to call in some reinforcements. Wouldn't ya know it, a wonderful gentleman emailed me immediately Monday morning requesting additional information about E's case so he could access the USCIS records and get this taken care of.

Long story short, I'm feeling pretty darn good about our Wisconsin officials today!

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Jes said...

WI S.O.S. has been awesome. We've been mailing our stuff and getting it back 3 days later!!!