Thursday, December 11, 2008

Hair again!

I couldn't resist giving you all an extra large preview today - those eyes just make me melt! I love it when her hair starts to grow back! I'm sure the 'do will be short lived, but at least we get a peek of how cute she will be once she actually gets to keep her lovely locks!

Thank you, Ann, for giving us this little piece of heaven! Glad you're home safe.



Jes said...

That is an awesome picture! I do hope they let her keep her hair :)


Ann said...

so glad I could get photos for everyone. Seems I was there before the beauty parlor day as all the kids have hair right now!! Oh how I wish they could keep their locks until we come get them. I asked K if there was any way we could get them to NOT shave them for us!! He said no.. But I tried!

Maria said...

What beautiful big eyes. I know what a blessing it was to get photos during this wait. HUGS!

Stahnke said...

Your little guy reminds me so much of my little guy that was also adopted from Kyrgyzstan. He is a cutie! I hope things move smoothly soon with your second adoption. I noticed you said she has some medical needs. Our son had a lot of medical issues when we got home, and to date we haven't seen one medical bill. Look into government medical programs in your state. There is a lot of financial help out there, even if you already have medical insurance.