Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Surgery Number 16

We're really racking them up this year! M will be having throat surgery tomorrow morning at 9:00 CST. Surgery is always risky and always a little scary, but this time, no one is touching her brain and THAT makes Mama happy! Her ENT will be exploring her throat and treating the cysts or granulomas or whatever else he finds that is plaguing her. She had a scope two weeks ago and we could see a couple little intruders high up, but he thinks there may be more further down. Hopefully whatever he finds, he can successfully treat with this one procedure and she will heal up quickly. She has been pretty miserable for about the past month. We should just be spending the night and coming home Friday - a totally novel experience for us! Please say a little prayer tomorrow for M and Dr. McHottie. (Sorry, Honey, I had to throw that in there).

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Michelle said...

prayers coming your way! I really hope everything is OK...throats and vocal cords are touchy things especially with her prior intubations etc....
Hope she does great!