Thursday, October 14, 2010

Another fight, a milestone and fall fun

I'm on a mission to have Synagis covered for M this season.  She got it last season because she was a 25wk preemie under 12mos old.  Now she is almost 15mos and while still gestationally under 12mos, MA says she doesn't qualify.  Some of the conditions that DO qualify are cardiac problems, lung disease, congenital airway conditions, neuromuscular conditions, etc.  Hmmm.....subglottic stenosis, subglottic cysts, strider, cerebral palsy, hydrocephalus, epilepsy, infantile spasms, and extreme prematurity - I would think one (or more) of those things would fall into a category.  I, however, seem to be more logical than insurance companies.  So, yet another battle ensues.  At $1500 PER SHOT (it's given monthly for six months), we just don't have any way to pay out-of-pocket for it.  I feel like such a failure that I can't give my fragile daughter this simple protection.

In happy news - M hit a milestone, sort of! Yesterday, she was napping in the living room. I heard fussing so I came in and this is is what I saw. Okay, not exactly this. Despite her distress, I ran to get the camera, rolled her back over and waited a second to see if she'd do it again. I know, mean mommy! This is her first official solo roll!! 

We've been having a great fall.  The weather has been incredible and we've made it to Pumpkin Farms and have been able to play outside a lot.  We're headed up North this weekend for a party with friends.  Here's a few photos of our recent fun and of some of M's new gear.

Two weekends ago at one of the many Pumpkin Patches we've visited - it was COLD!

The Otter - M is LOVING it!  She can finally enjoy a relaxing, SAFE bath! 

Last weekend's "Boys' Camp Night"

M's new rig - it is so great!

Another Pumpkin Patch - warm this time! 

Is this not just a really cool picture? 

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Kimberly said...

Go M! That is wonderful! :) I do love that picture of E with the sidewalk chalk!