Friday, September 2, 2011

Kinder - What?

I thought I was ready - I really, really did.  We bought supplies, talked about it for weeks and yesterday went to orientation.  We toured school, did a few "dry runs" of drop off and pick up, met Esen's case manager, teacher, the school psychologist, and spent some quality time in his classroom.  He seemed very excited and very open to the transition.

Today, we were in the drop off line of cars (about the fourth back) and Esen decided that "Mama, you should probably walk me in, today."  I pulled out of the line, parked and we walked up to the drop off door where the outside TA was waiting to shuttle kids into the Gym.  We started talking to her about the process so he'd be ready for next week.  I had my camera in hand so I could get some pictures of him in front of school and walking off into school.  Then, his buddy arrived and they RAN OFF into school together.  No tearful goodbye, no pictures, nothing.  I guess I have to be happy that he's well adjusted and confident, right?

His first day went really well.  He was happy and exhausted!  I absolutely cannot believe he is off to school already.  It really doesn't seem possible.

Heading to Orientation

Testing out his seat

Ready to learn.....I think?

First day as a Kindergartner

Special "First Day" after school snack


Anonymous said...

Wow kinder! So glad to hear Esen's first day was a good one!

Christine said...

So glad to read his first day was great! I too had my youngest start kinder... it went okay. thankfully it continues to get better!