Saturday, December 31, 2011

A Pony for the Princess.

Every girl wants a pony, right?  In this case, it's a lovely purple Pony - well used, but still functional, on loan courtesy of our wonderful PT!  The best news is, Marissa doesn't hate it!!  A few months ago, her rehab doc wrote for a Pacer Gait Trainer, but the likelihood of insurance covering it is slim to none.  We'll still have her trial one at some point, but in the meantime, the Pony is working out beautifully to get Marissa some time upright and even a little bit of weight bearing.  We have been working on getting her into a stander, but she absolutely will not tolerate it.  I think it is way too confining for her - too many straps, too much velcro; too much like being strapped down for an MRI, CT or other obnoxious medical procedure.  I'm grateful we found something she tolerates because it is so important for her to spend some time vertical.  She enjoys it, too, so hopefully it'll be motivating for her.

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Michelle said...

she looks sooo happy!