Saturday, February 18, 2012

Photo-a-Day 18 A few more pieces

Last year, in June to be exact, we learned that we could file a petition with USCIS to obtain the packet of super secret sealed documents that we presented to Immigration when we arrived in Chicago with Esen.  Shortly after filing all of the required proof of identity, we received the packet.  It contained all of the originals of the documents we already had.  Unfortunately, there was nothing new.  Sometimes families have gotten a few extra pieces of info about their kiddos or birth families.  I haven't thought about it since.

Today we got this from USCIS. 

On it is a cover letter which explains "......we have concluded our investigation and search for documents.....included is 101 pages of documents pertaining to your son's adoption....."   COOL!  It is every single document we filed with USCIS, every document that was generated by them, every document that was filed in Kyrgyzstan, including a few we didn't have. 

As any adoptive parent knows, when you have no information about your child's history, every single piece is so priceless.  And really, how cool is it that it's neatly organized on a CD.  Thank you USCIS - today, we are friends.

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