Tuesday, September 18, 2012

It's Me

Well....the photo is quite obviously not me, but I am here again.  It's been six months - SIX!  In some ways it seems like a really long time, and in other ways I can't believe all that has happened in that short span of time.  I've often wanted to start writing again, but life gets in the way and the words don't seem to want to come. At least not words that make sense or seem to have any sort of profound meaning.  I need this, though.  I need the therapy it provides - the outlet. I need a place to log what goes on with my family because I know I won't remember it all and frankly I suck at life books and photo boxes and journals and everything else I thought I'd be really great at as a mother.  So, I'm back to blogging (I hope).  I have no frickin' clue where to begin to catch up, but sometimes you just have to jump, right?


Jes said...

Jump, mama!!

Michelle said...

I have a lifebook/picture drawer that I will someday put into an album...of course by the time I have time to do it I won't remember what any of the pictures are! haha...It is fun to go back and read entries from forever ago! Here's to the electronic diary!

Kimberly said...

Yes, I agree with Jes, Jump! :)