Saturday, January 5, 2013

Looking Back......

I’m not sure how to even begin to describe 2012.  We certainly went through a lot of change individually and as a family.  We spent the first couple of months preparing to welcome two new members to our little clan, wondering the whole time what it was going to be like to double our kiddos overnight.  In March, Bamlak and Hiwot came home!  The transition was far from seamless, but in time, everyone settled in and found their niche.  Months later, it was like we had all been together forever. 

In June, we hopped on a plane and travelled 6,000+ miles to Bishkek, where we spent two weeks bonding with our little girl – the little girl who still sits alone in an orphanage 1639 days after we promised to be her parents.  Esen went with us and it was absolutely surreal to take him back to where he was born, to where it all began.  Walking into that orphanage on April 23, 2007, changed the course of our lives forever.  It changed what we thought we knew about what we wanted.  It changed what we thought we were there to do, what we thought our plans were for the future.  It set the wheels in motion.  As bitter as I am sometimes about that country, the government and the whole process in light of what we’ve been through this past 4 ½ years, I have no choice but to be grateful because we have Esen and because all of this has shaped what we’ve become.
2012 also afforded us the opportunity to serve through a Both Hands Project.  It was such an amazing experience (and a lot of work) to see what happens when people come together for the sole purpose of helping another human being.  The outcome was amazing and we raised funds for Kamila’s adoption as well.  I highly recommend anyone out there looking to fundraise for an adoption consider a BothHands Project through Lifesong for Orphans.  It is a life-changing experience not only for the crew, but for the widow being served.
The summer was filled with water fights, scraped knees, new foods to explore and two kiddos who had never even touched bicycles learning to ride two-wheelers!  Lord help me, I’ve got three dare-devils under the age of 7!  The boys had a blast riding up and down the street while Hiwot enjoyed peddling around the driveway.  I couldn't believe it when they took off since in March they couldn't even pedal tricycles!  We stuck pretty close to home over the summer and really just focused on getting to know one another and having fun.  

2012 wouldn’t have been complete without some hospital drama.  While I’d like to say that I’m going to forget it and put it in the past, but a mama can never really do that.  Three months in the hospital, multiple surgeries, life-threatening infections, seizures, discussions about your child dying, respiratory arrest, those are things that when I close my eyes at night are there as if they are happening right now.   The end of 2012 brought a new, troubling diagnosis that we haven’t even begun to peel the layers off of yet.   Still, I have hope because I have to.  I can’t give up because my heart won’t let me.
We were so blessed to all be home together for the Holidays.  Christmas was nice and quiet and for the New Year, we decided to take the kids to a mini-indoor waterpark in Wisconsin Dells.  They had so much fun (as did the grown-ups)!
I have no idea what 2013 holds for us.  I have some wishes and I have some intentions (I don’t do resolutions), but I know better than to make plans. 
Up next……Looking Forward


Jes said...

Always looking forward ... it's the only way!! Love to you all!!


Jessi said...

Wow! What a year for you guys! I am in awe of everything you accomplish. Pretty incredible!