Tuesday, March 11, 2008


Gotcha, didn't I?!

It's true, though, we ARE pregnant, just in a nontraditional sense. We just packed up our formal application packet with a very large check (thanks Uncle Sam) and our friends at FedEx will have it delivered to our agency by the end of the week. I guess this is how great it feels when you pee on that stick and see those two lines. I personally have not experienced that, but I'm sure it's just as wonderful as this is.

While we are thrilled and excited to move forward, we do so with trepidation. We have just enough funds to complete our application, INS advance processing and home study. This means, if we receive a referral in the next 4-6 months, we will not have the funds necessary to accept the child much less travel to bring him or her home. That scares the pants off us to say the least, yet at the same time our hearts and souls tell us this is the path we are to follow at this time.

We pray that with spring upon us our fundraising efforts will really take off and we humbly ask once again that you consider checking out some of our fundraisers (all of which can be found in the margins of this page) and of course, pass our web address on to all of your family and friends. You know the old saying "it takes a village to raise a child". In our case "it takes a village to bring ours home".

We hope to have more exciting updates in the very near future.


Michelle said...

I am sooo jealous! It is soooo exciting to be starting the process again. I was hoping to be going through it with you again!

Shannon said...

Don't be jealous - we ARE going through it together again, just in different ways! I'm super excited for you, too!!

J & G said...

TOO Cool! I never peed on a stick either.... but then they hadn't invented them yet!! HAHAH ( no kidding)! We're SOOOOOOOOOOO Happy for you! Now NO long pregnancy!
Love Ya!

April + Eric said...

Good idea on the fund raiser....
I'm in the yahoo group and enjoying reading folks blogs. Fingers crossed you raise a lot of cash-o-la. What are you selling?

warmly, April H.