Sunday, September 21, 2008

Thank You!

We were blessed to be able to meet the owners of the wonderful restaurant that is helping to fund our adoption grant through The Gift of Adoption Fund. The restaurant is Zaffiros Pizza in Milwaukee and the owners Mike and Rose are the most caring and compassionate people we've ever met. Their family was built through adoption and they truly understand the hurdles adoptive parents today face in trying to raise the funds necessary to bring their kids home. It is a very quaint and welcoming place and the pizza is phenomenal!

Zaffiros have partnered with The Gift of Adoption Fund which is an organization committed to helping build families one child at a time. Their work is amazing and their CEO, Pam, is very passionate about what they do. I would encourage anyone who is able and willing to support this amazing organization please do so. We are so grateful for their work and their belief in us as a family.

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Maria said...

That is SO awesome to hear of someone who got the grant. We had applied, but sadly didn't, but I am SO HAPPY to read that you guys did. Congratulations!!! Isn't it wonderful to have businesses/other families who understand how difficult the funding of adoption can be and who are willing to step up and be supportive? What a blessing.