Thursday, September 11, 2008

A VERY good day

Yesterday was one of those pretty darn good days. It started off with updated measurements of K from our agency. Now, I generally take these measurements fairly lightly as we've experienced the inaccuracy and inconsistency with them in the past. However, K has had a significant gain since last report and I figure even if they're off some, she almost certainly has had a gain which is tremendously encouraging to us right now. She is now the weight of a very healthy newborn!

The day only got better when I was notified that we have indeed received a grant from the same organization that helped us with E's adoption last year. We feel so incredibly blessed by the compassion and generosity of the grant selection committee and all those who support these foundations throughout the year so they may continue to offer financial assistance to adoptive families.

Later, I arrived home to find the crib bedding set I had ordered for K's crib (which is still at the store). We decided we don't really care for it as much as we did on the computer screen (the hazards of online shopping) and are sending it back in exchange for something else, but it was still pretty cool that it arrived.

All we're missing is some good news from Bishkek.............


Ann said...

Hi Shannon.... Its good to have good days in the midst of days of no news. What an awesoe day full of new news. Congrats on the grant, and glad to hear you got updates and god news about weight gain. Hoping for news from Bishkek SOON.


Maria said...

I'm SO glad to hear of someone getting a grant. *smile* We've applied to one twice and was turned down both times. We have one more outstanding, but since they only give one, I'm not really hopeful on that front. HOWEVER, it makes me VERY happy to read that you guys were recipients. CONGRATS!!!

Cindy LaJoy said...

The grant couldn't have been awarded to a more deserving family!!! So happpy to hear it! bet you want to hop on a plane right now just about as badly as I do :-) This part of the wait is unbearable, isn't it? And I still have a looooonnnnggg winter to wait through. What rewards we have waiting at the end though, right? You are far ahead of us though if you have ordered (and rejected! Hahahah) bedding. I am impressed! Hang in there, Shannon!