Friday, August 29, 2008

One Wild Ride!

I'm happy to report our dossier has arrived in Bishkek! It left D.C. on 8/21 and has taken wild tour of the US and Europe. Doesn't it know this is no time for a joyride? Seems it got on a couple wrong flights and stopped at a couple wrong addresses before finding itself safe in Bishkek. It did, however miss the cutoff for delivery so it'll be next week before it arrives safely in the hands of our facilitator. Here's where that crazy package of documents has been: Departed Washington D.C. - Memphis, TN - Frankfurt, Germany - Almaty, Kazakhstan - Paris, France - Poyle, Great Britian - Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan.

Now that there is definite movement - dossiers have left D.C., dossiers have been signed by the adoption commission in Bishkek, court dates are due to be issued; I am starting to breathe again. Not much, but a little. I have this sudden urge to clean, organize and paint! :)


Ann said...

Whew... That is quite a journey. My dosier is currently in Tennessee or has just left Tennessee. I guess it will head for Europe tonight. I am sure it will be in good hands. Here is to being one step closer!!!!


Suzanne said...

Wow! Talk about taking a wrong turn somewhere! Perhaps it just wanted to take the scenic route. I know I wouldn't pass up a free trip to Paris!

Enjoy breathing this weekend-