Saturday, August 2, 2008

Summer Fun!

There's not a lot to share in adoption news. We're just kind of hanging around waiting...waiting...waiting. We're praying for travel sometime this fall, but as internation adoption goes, we have learned better than to expect anything concrete. This process is truly the biggest leap of faith a person ever has to take and no matter how hard you try, you cannot control it and will drive yourself crazy trying to do so. We're trying to focus on enjoying what's left of the quickly dwindling summer months and preparing our home and lives for the addition of our little girl. It's difficult most days for me to think about her and talk about bringing her home because I know that there is always a chance that may not happen. I find myself constantly reminded by my inner logic that she is indeed not ours yet. There comes a time, however, when I will have to make that quantum leap into believing that we will travel and bring her home and I guess I am inching closer to that place. I have allowed myself to browse bedding and think about infant supplies that we of course, do not own as E was 12 months old when we brought him home. I hope to hear news that things are moving along well in Kyrgyzstan and that there are families being reuinited with their kiddos and coming home safely. Our IA doctors (and us) are anxiously awaiting new information and photos of K to help better evaluate her special needs and help us develop a plan for the future. We pray that if someone is travelling soon they may be able to visit with her.

E has been thoroughly enjoying his time outside this summer despite the hoards of mosquitos that we cannot seem to get a break from. He is growing like crazy and talking more every day. Just typing about him brings a smile to my face. Here's a little peak at our summer fun.

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Michelle said...

GIrl crib bedding is soooo darn cute! I love the cherry blossom ones at babies r us! GIrls have such cute stuff to buy!
Hopefully things will start to really roll in Kyrgyzstan in the next 2-3 months!