Sunday, September 6, 2009

Aztalan and Little Amerika

Today is one of those picture perfect Wisconsin summer days. We decided to head to Aztalan State Park, a mere 20 minutes from our house. Neither of us had been there since we were kids. It is one of the most incredible historical landmarks in Wisconsin. The vast acreage is so well-maintained (and WAY bigger than I remember). We walked most of the trails and hills and were pretty wiped out by the end! I just can't get over how beautiful and peaceful it is there. E really enjoyed it. It's such a great (safe) place to just let kids run; although he was begging to be carried toward the end. :)

After a lot of walking and a picnic lunch, we decided to head to Little Amerika - an amusement park also near our home. I've driven past it my whole life and was always a little.......apprehensive. Turns out it's a pretty nice, little place for small kids and while E wasn't too excited about most of the rides, he enjoyed the boats (on the condition I ride with him-thank God there are no pictures of me getting in and out of that thing!) Their train ride was really exceptional. As we were leaving, there was a man making balloon animals for the children. Well, E LOVES balloons, so he got in line. Each of the children would step forward and state their balloon animal request - bunny, puppy, balloon sword, etc.; and the guy was really quite good at making them. Until......E marches up and tells the man "I want a green number". Yup - my "little Einstein" felt an animal was far too juvenile for him - he wanted a number. Poor guy looked at us kind of dumbfounded and then decided he could probably handle making a number 8. E was happy, so all was good. :)

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China Dreams said...

Your photos are priceless. There is nothing quite like our blue sky, and the last days of summer are so precious. It looks like you all had a great time.