Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Moving Mountains

I wish I were at liberty to share all of the promising news of the last week. However, at this time, it is "safer" to keep it on the down low. That said, I do have a favor to ask. Thursday night (Friday in Bishkek) please pray, chant, meditate, do whatever it is you believe in - for the powers that be to agree on a positive resolution with regard to the current adoption delays. I, and about 62 other families, are praying there is serious good news to share next Monday!


Ann said...

I pray that the mountain range in Bishkek gets itself up and has to move for the power of our voices we send!!! Then God may work His power on the PM and the parliment to open their hearts for the kids. Their kids. Our kids!

janiece said...

Oh I'll be praying and hoping for that good news!

Margaret and Tom said...

Prayers are on the way! I will be so excited to find out when the good news comes out!