Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Disapointment and Sadness

Please pray for Blog Buddy Beth as she works through a very emotionally difficult time. Any adoption process brings with it risks that we all have to face. It takes a special human being to completely open their hearts to a child that, in reality, may never come home to them. We all do it, and we all have fears, but most of us never have to deal with that kind of heartbreak and disappointment. As adoptive parents we want to know that our children came to us ethically and legally. We'd hate to find out later that their birth parents indeed wanted to raise them. If a child is meant to be with their first family, then it's good for that to be discovered before an adoption takes place. It does not, however, make it any easier for a Mother who has loved a child for his entire life to let him go. Please keep Beth and little "B" in your prayers. Please pray for "B"s birth mother that she has made and continues to make the right choices for her son.

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