Friday, March 19, 2010

BAD Blogger

Sorry......I've been neglecting my blog terribly. I know, I still owe pictures and I promise as soon as I am able to take a breath I will get some uploaded. There seems to be a lot going on. M is doing well - tolerating her IV antibiotics (2 more weeks), eating, pooping, doing all the stuff she should do. She continues to have swelling around her posterior shunt, but her neurosurgeon has assured us he's not concerned about that and expects it to resolve on its own. Her MRI last week showed improvement in some of her ventricles, although her temporal horns are still enlarged. it's early, though. Her Echo showed that there is still vegetation on the end of her VA shunt catheter. Neurosurg wants to finish antibiotics, wait three weeks, do blood cultures, another Echo in May and reassess at that time. So, we just keep plugging along. She is still having nystagmus pretty much constantly and doesn't want to focus and track with her eyes. She sees ophthalmology next week and Neurology the following week. It's possible she's having a lot of subclinical seizures. In any case, I hope we get some answers soon.

E is loving life now that the snow is gone. It's crazy - one week there was like 6 inches of snow covering the ground and the next week it was all gone! It's been nice enough to go for a walk the last couple of nights after supper, ride his bike, draw on the driveway. Life is good!!

We have some really difficult decisions to make regarding K. There are new rumors regarding proposed new legislation that could put our completion of her adoption at risk. There is also a huge decision to be made that affects her medically. We are in such a tough spot right now.

I promise to update soon - WITH PICTURES! Happy spring everyone!

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janiece said...

Being home is so awesome! I think everyone does better at home.
I am in love with this weather also. Too bad the weekend weather sucks--but oh well.
God will guide you in the correct choice for K. I know it isn't easy. My prayers are with you.