Saturday, June 4, 2011

Look What We Got...

It took a year and a half, but I finally found someone willing to give me a copy of Marissa's wee footprints!  Yes, that is a regular, small paperclip and a bobby-pin used for reference. 
Can you believe those cute, little toes?!
I also requested a copy of her medical records from her birth hospital.  She was only there a brief time before being transferred to CHNOLA.  The woman was kind enough to call me BEFORE packaging them up and sending them off with the bill to let me know there would be well over 400-500 pages (at .50 a page) and was I sure I needed them all.  THANK YOU for having the courtesy to call because no, I don't really NEED them all, I was merely curious.  What I was truly interested in was her first few days of life so she's kindly sending those to me - a much more manageable cost.  Those Louisiana ladies are so dang friendly!!

June 1st was International Children's Day in Kyrgyzstan and the Bishkek Baby House kids really whooped it up!  Our beautiful girl is stunning in her white dress, wouldn't you agree?  There were bananas, gifts for all of the children, performances by local groups and musicians and over 350 photos taken!  A huge thank you to everyone who was  involved in making this happen!

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Jessi said...

love the hands and feet!