Saturday, October 29, 2011

Gifts for the Kids (and us)

We finally got the green light to send a care package to B & H.  A wonderful, sweet family who travelled this past week for court took it along and sent us this email about their experience in delivering it:

Hi Shannon,

Yesterday we had a chance to meet H and B, they are both so adorable!

They were in school when we arrived, so we waited about an hour for
them to get home and they were really ready to have fun when they got
back.  We found it so sweet how all the kids shared together without
any direction--older ones helping the younger ones open candy and
sharing toys.  All the kids really seem like a big family.  We didn't
know much about (the orphanage) before visiting, so the small number of
children there seems to give them all lots of attention from the

When H first came in from school she ran in with her friend S.
jabbering away and greeted us.  They both had to go change clothing
and came back dressed in pink.  H seems so happy, she loved
looking at your photos and naming who you all were (enat, etc).  As
she cuddled her baby doll she sang this sweet little song to it--very
precious.  She was very patient and looked through her whole gift with
such excitement!
B was basically a bundle of energy--he ran into the room and
started kicking the balls around.  Our driver helped call him over and
his eyes lit up when he saw the truck.  He was off playing with it
quickly--racing it across the floor and laughing.  He would sit still
for short bursts of time to view the other things, but really the
truck was just so exciting for him.  He did come over by H and
look at the family book together and they chattered away in Amharic
for a bit.

Then of course he rejoined the boys playing ball and zooming his truck!
Both very sweet kids, it was great to meet them!

I can't tell you what it means to us to know that they have a piece of our family with them, that they know they have a family waiting for them.  We are entering the second week since their court case was opened and could hear any day now when our court date will be.  I'm on pins and needles - can't wait to meet them!  Of course, I'm also extremely stressed about how in the world were going to raise the rest of the funds to actually be able to get down there, but I know it just has to work out.

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Linda Schuhmacher said...

So excited to see there faces!! Praying for the funding!!