Sunday, October 30, 2011

I'm Begging for a Pie in the Face!

The Wright Family over at Act of Kindness are once again hosting the Pie Challenge for the orphans of Kyrgyzstan.  Please take some time, first, to watch last year's pie video below for a little preview of what it is all about.

Forty people have pledged to take a pie in the face this year, yours truly included, which translates into Christmas and a year's worth of vitamins for 2000 Kyrgyz orphans!  Kamila has benefited in the past and once gain, this year, she will spend her FOURTH Christmas in an orphanage, away from her family.  Folks, orphans don't get a day off; they don't get to 'forget', they don't get to turn off their loneliness; but for one day, the Wrights will bring them Christmas joy - they will be part of a family.  Better yet, for an entire year, they will receive life saving vitamins!

Please consider going over to the Wright's blog and making a donation in my name so that I can reach my goal of $500 and earn a pie.  I would be so grateful, but don't just do it for me.  Do it for Kamila, do it for the 2000 orphans left without families who will benefit, and do it for Esen because what 5-year-old doesn't dream of throwing a pie in their mommy's face?!

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