Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Surgery Day

M just went down for her hopefully uncomplicated VA Shunt placement. She's had 3 failures in 3 months so we're praying this is her last surgery for a long, long time. There is concern that due to her left-sided Hickman placement, she may not be able to get the VA.

He will then have no choice but to place another VP shunt. We really don't want that because chances are it will fail as the other 3 have. Her abdomen and liver just cannot handle the volume of drainage. Putting a VP back in feels like taking ten huge steps backward. I'm afraid we're going to end up back in this same spot in a week or so.

While she's in the OR today, she'll also be having a scope performed by ENT. Hopefully they can get to the bottom of her floppy airway and noisy breathing. Chances are it is all a result of her being on a ventilator for a month after she was born, being intubated so many times for surgery and it'll be something she will eventually grow out of. It'll be nice, though, to finally have an actual answer or at very least a theory.

Please lift up some prayers for our little fighter and her surgeons today.

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