Saturday, January 30, 2010


That's how many days of her 190 day life M has spend in either the NICU or PICU. There is currently no end in sight. Her numbers, you know the famous "numbers", are all over the board and she is in no state to head to the OR Tuesday for a new shunt. Our theory is that she will still head to the OR, but for another ventricle flush. We're probably looking at another couple weeks. If we could get a decent, consistent nurse, things would be A-okay, but we've had some real winners (insert sarcasm here) lately! Thankfully our neurosurgeon is due back from his week long conference (which happened to be in the Caymans) tomorrow. I have no doubt he'll have some answers and a fabulous plan in place. :)


Michelle said...

Ummm...the road picture is nice...but that isn't exactly what I meant! haha!

China Dreams said...

So sorry to hear of your ongoing battles and your inconsistent care. I spent a few weeks in intensive care once, and it was enough to ensure that I never want to be sick-better that I fail to take care of myself than that someone else fail to take care of me when they're the ones who are supposed to know how! Hope you get a break soon.