Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Surgery, Diet Coke and yes.....more potatoes

M went to surgery at about 8:30 this morning. I went down to the cafeteria to get the super giant soda - nothing beats fountain Diet Coke! I decided I should grab some food and you guessed it - I ended up with Cheesy potatoes. There has to be some sort of potato addiction support group out there.

I digress.

M's surgeon called shortly after she went down and said that after reviewing her scans he did not feel the planned left sided shunt placement would be best for her. He didn't want to put it back on the right because that's where the infection and bulk of the inflammation was and she's had 5 other surgeries on that side. By putting on the left we risked one or more of the ventricles not draining well and ending up right back in surgery. By putting it on the right, we have a little higher risk of a repeat infection or blockage from the remaining inflammation. Ultimately, long term, having on the right is the best option, so that's the plan.

It appears she will probably come back to the PICU after surgery to finish out her IV antibiotics. If all goes well we should go home Saturday night. Apparently, the other floors of the hospital are filling up fast.

So, we wait and pray that our little fighter continues to fight and that we'll all be home together again this weekend.


janiece said...

Ummmmm, potatoes. I know the cheesy potatoes of which you speak. Hope everything is going good.

China Dreams said...

Eat and drink whatever you feel like if it keeps you strong for your little one. Five surgeries-yikes! The poor thing. Hope all goes well with recovery.