Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Line Stays

Surgery went well.  M did okay, despite needing enough anesthesia to "knock out two large adults" (direct quote from her anesthesiologist).  She always requires a little.....extra juice, but today it was pretty extreme.  Her ENT discovered two new subglottic cysts which he treated and also used the balloon to dilate her subglottic stenosis.  Because things weren't as beautiful and perfect as he wanted them to be, she'll have to head back to the OR in a couple of months to check it all out again.  Because the anesthesiologist couldn't find a suitable spot for venous access, the line stayed in.  I'm bummed, but it's really okay.  Whatever's best for my Dolly!  M had an extremely rough time coming out of the anesthesia, probably due to the amount and combination of drugs she received.  She also developed some very disturbing swelling around her distal shunt.  Her neurosurgeon was paged and it was his feeling that the fluid accumulation was due to a little fluid overload since she received so much in the OR.  Hopefully it will have gone down by morning.  Currently, M is resting fairly comfortably and I'm settling in for a little rubber couch nap. :)

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