Monday, September 20, 2010

Tooting my own horn

I was reminded by my doctor the other day (during the dreaded annual physical) that it's been just over ONE YEAR since I quit smoking! YAY ME! She also confidently reminded me that the extra...oh...fifty-ish pounds I'm carrying around is still far healthier than smoking. Hopefully next year I can report major success in the fatso category, too.

In other breaking news - I picked up E from school today expecting the usual stern teacher conference and was pleasantly surprised to receive a very good report. She said he was her best student of the day (out of 16 kids)! YAY E! I am so proud of him today and even better was how incredibly proud of himself he was. He was just absolutely beaming.

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Michelle said...

Yeah that is awesome...go E! I get Loudest student of the day....most talkative student of the day, etc...never best student of the day. I have found that this year fishing for compliments in emails to the teacher apologizing for Lilianna not doing her homework is the best I can do! hahaha
by the way...congratulations on the part time gig! that is awesome!