Tuesday, September 28, 2010

T minus 2 days.....

Let me preface by saying that I LOVE FALL.  It is definitely my favorite time of year.  I love the cooler weather, the trees changing color, fall festivals, carmel apples, pumpkins, I could go on and on. 

On the other hand, I fear it.  October is the official beginning of the dreaded Flu/RSV season.  M remains extremely susceptible and vulnerable to bacterial and viral infections.  She could easily pick something up that could land her in the hospital....or worse.   E is in school 4 mornings per week and he is likely to be the primary culprit of sneaking evil germs into the household.  Kevin works full time around a lot of people and I work in part time in health care.  We're all potential carriers for invaders.

I feel good about the plan I have in place to face the next six months and am going to try so hard to not obsess, but I also have to do what is best for us.  There will probably be limited trips out to stores, restaurants, etc.  We most likely will not attend every function to which we are invited.  This is not because we are antisocial or don't like you - we just need to stay safe.  We may remind you to wash your hands or ask that you not visit if you or someone in your family is/has been ill.  Please don't be offended and please don't tell me that "kids need germs." 

Hopefully we can keep the illnesses mild and to a minimum.  Going into fall/winter, it helps that we already have great habits.  Upon entering the house, shoes come off at the door and hands are immediately washed.  Even E does a great job of this without being reminded (most of the time).  I'm not a fan of chemicals and generally use all natural cleaners, but for the next six months we are well armed with Clorox and Purell. 


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