Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Happy 4th!

It couldn't have been a nicer weekend around here - hey, we were all home and all together - what more could we ask for. The weather was excellent, although just a tad hot. Esen enjoyed lots of water time and we managed to get to the parade, carnival and fireworks. Our very dear friend came and stayed with Marissa so we could take Esen to the carnival and fireworks. I was feeling a lot of guilt for leaving Marissa behind because we really strive to do everything as a family, but truthfully, she would've been miserable with the crowds and noise, so it was best. She's been doing a lot of sleeping, which is good and her mood is pretty unreliable right now. I really didn't want to deprive Esen either, so "thank you" Aunt Jean - you're simply the best!!
Drinking his "coffee" from his mess kit coffee cup.

Ready for camping!

Catching Fireflies!

Safety First!

Ummmm.........not sure...........

My Boys!

These boys are not too excited about the festivities.

Nothing says "4th of July" better than a boy, eating a hot dog, watching a parade!
.....or a girl, napping under a fan at the parade!

Do you see how tall this slide is?  Do you see that blur?  That is Esen and I so wish you could see his face - priceless!  I thought for sure we'd be making a trip to the van for a new pair of underpants!  At the end, he laid down on his burlap sack in utter shock and couldn't decide if he had just had fun or was still scared to death!

Loving his first fireworks display!


Jean C said...

GREAT FUN!!! SO GLAD you shared the pictures!! Wish I could see the face on the slide.. but I can imagine!They both have such joyous smiles and laughs!!!!

Jessi said...

FUN!! I loved the pic of your boys with their sparklers and then the one of M with her own personal fan. Nice!

Jill S. said...

Loved your pictures! Love the fan you have for Marissa! Brilliant idea! I need to get one for Matthew!

Hilary Marquis said...

I love the hot dog shot! Your kids are both just darling. One of these days we'll get out your way to meet in person ;)