Sunday, July 31, 2011

Summer Exhaustion!

Today was one of those perfect summer days! Hot, but not unbearable; sunny, breezy. We ran some errands this morning and then had a picnic lunch in the back yard. Daddy came home from work this afternoon and we played outside in the water. Esen had a blast on his slip 'n slide and his redneck homemade water slide (who needs a fancy, expensive water park anyway?); and Marissa enjoyed some time in her little pool that big brother got her for her birthday. Esen randomly asked this evening if he could have the training wheels off his bike so he could try to "balance" on it, so we gave it a try. He took right off like crazy! He never ceases to amaze me! Needless to say - it was a VERY busy, and exhausting day and when dinner rolled around it was like a blast from the past. Esen used to fall asleep while eating, every single day at lunch. He did it tonight at supper. Of course, rather than help him, we did what any good parents would do, we got the camera and shot some video - he really didn't want to give up his bread!  Check out the video at the end - it's hilarious!  Here's a few pics from our awesome day!

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China Dreams said...

Looks like a beautiful day in the sun, an I just love the sleepy boy at the dinner table!