Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Tot-Hoarders: A New Show Coming Soon!

I hosted an intervention this morning.  Esen goes through stages of obsessions, this is not new.  Currently, it is "making" money and "writing" books.  He has been storing said creations in a large plastic tote in our living room for weeks now.

With the tote overflowing, it was time to finally sort the hoard. He, of course, did not want to part with anything at all, but with some discussion, compromise and not a single tear shed, we managed to get through the entire pile.

Sorting took a looooong time and some wonderful, long lost treasures were found!

We had LOTS for the recycle bin, too!!

We managed to get the super-important stuff to keep down to a very manageable stack of 'money' and a very manageable stack of books.  I'm so proud of my little hoarder today! 


Jessi said...

I can relate! I have slight hoarding tendancies. This cracked me up!

China Dreams said...

Funny! When our first two kids were in school-kindergarten and preschool-and they had an open house, I asked my son why he brought so much work home and his sister never did. Thought maybe it was because she only went to preschool two days a week. He said, "No, Mom, come over here," and led me to her desk, "she just stuffs it all in here!" Then he pulled out her chair, and the desk threw up all over the floor.