Tuesday, November 22, 2011

13 days.....

We are going to meet our kids in just 13 days.  I really can hardly believe it.  I am filled with anticipation and a lot fear.  My fear does not stem from the flight or the meeting or traveling, but from the fact that we are still so far from having the funds necessary to actually bring the kids HOME.  We have applied to every grant organization out there.  We have held fundraising events large and small.  We have refinanced, taken loans, liquidated every asset we have available, picked up extra jobs, extra shifts, done away with non-necessities and still we have fallen short.  It is through sheer generosity and the loving hearts of others that we will make it now. 

By going through From HIV to Home (a 501(c)(3) not for profit) you can claim any donation as a tax write off and save two lives.  The total expenses for this adoption are going to be upwards of $48,000. The money donated to their fund (and it needs to be designated for The Fenske Family at the time of the contribution) goes directly to B & H, so if for some reason we ended up not adopting them (NOT GOING TO HAPPEN), the money stays with them and helps another family bring them home. We don't see a cent of it unless it is for their adoption.  Many people may ask why we are doing this when we don't have the finances up front. That is a very valid question. It's for the same reason that people finance their vehicles, boats, other "toys", vacations and have a mortgages on their homes. We simply don't have $48,000 to plunk down all at once to complete another adoption. If we waited until we did, then the children would have to wait, too. B & H don't have that luxury - they cannot afford to wait.

So will you take the leap with us?  Could you do without 1 dinner out, 1 less present under the Christmas tree, 1 less latte if it meant that two children could be saved?  It would mean the world to us and to them.


Michlyn said...

Hi Shannon! My name is Michlyn (pronounced Mikelynn) I'm 15 and have an adopted 5 yr. old sister from Ethiopia. She's been home about 16 months now.

I've been following you for a little while, and have read the beautiful story of all of your children. I really hope to make a donation for you to bring them now. As soon as I can figure out when. I know the wait can be scary, and trust me without God's provision my parents would not of been able to make it to pick her up.

Blessings to your trip, and I'll be thinking of you and your family that is all over the world! (Especially around this holiday season) I understand the present thing... We have been thinking about adopting again and two precious kiddos that we've seen we have been praying for. I know people can be so selfish, and this year we will not be putting every single cent towards presents.

There are kids out there you have nothing, and we could help them. I've seen your funds have gone up since I last checked!! Praise God!


Michlyn said...

You can check out our family blog at:

Jes said...

Every little bit can help!! What's that saying?

"It takes a whole village..."

As always, you guys are in my thoughts and prayers.