Sunday, November 13, 2011

Scentsy for Kamila

My amazing friend, Linda, is sponsoring a Scentsy fundraiser for Kamila's adoption fund.  You can read about Linda and her incredible husband, Dan, in an article published just this morning HERE.  They truly exemplify selflessness and dedication to helping children overcome adversity.  They are amazing parents and wonderful people.  Although they have so much on their plate with work and family, they found a place in their hearts for Kamila and have on many occasions reached out to our family and offered support through prayer and fundraising for her adoption long after others in our lives gave up on her.  We are so grateful to them and they will forever be a part of hers and our lives! 

Please go to Linda's site and check out the amazing Scentsy products.  The photo here is my scentsy warmer, a gift from Linda, and it lights up my kitchen every single day.  The Holidays are fast approaching - you could not only help Kamila find her way home, but brighten someones day with a beautiful gift from Scentsy. 

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Linda Schuhmacher said...

Thank You! Couldn't of said it any better!!!!