Thursday, December 23, 2010

The Day After

It was a rough one.  Four and half hours in surgery, a moderate amount of blood loss and three shunts later M is resting fairly comfortably.  I broke down and had them give her some morphine this morning because she was scratching her face and pulling her hair again.  Anything beyond Tylenol is sort of frowned up on in neuro patients, but she definitely needed it.  She's very unsettled, very confused and just generally discombobulated (it's a real medical term, I swear) today.  She's also very puffy from the blood loss, fluid replacement and from laying on her face for so long during the procedure.  We're headed to CT in about 45 minutes to see how things are looking and if all continues to go well, we hope to go home tomorrow.  I have a killer headache and am running on about 1 1/5 hours of sleep, a can of Diet Coke and a bowl of cheesy potatoes so hopefully there will be a nap in our not so distant future. 

We were blessed by visitors already today.  The lovely Julia and her mom happen to be just down the hall.  It's always nice to have friends nearby. :)  The boys are planning to come up a little bit later.  We didn't send E to school today.  He had a pretty long day yesterday hanging out in the ER with us and then headed off to Grandma and Grandpa's house for the evening until Kevin could get back to pick him up and take him home.  In any case, an early start to Christmas Break was in order for him. 

My Dolly is stirring - I'll update later.


Cindy LaJoy said...

Thanks for the update, have been thinking of you and hoping surgery went well.

Poor kid, when will it stop for her? I am heartbroken every time I read of a set back and yet so very happy to know she has the comfort of a loving, committed family.

janiece said...

They chased us out of there before 10. What did the scan show? Hoping for a nap here too. Miss Julia was very worried when we walked past the room and you were gone to your scan.