Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Surgery Update

For my non-Facebook friends:  Surgery went well.  Throat was dialated again, one cyst addressed and the central line stayed in.  The anesthesiologist was unable to find adequate venous access (not for lack of trying judging by all the holes, tracks and blood streaks) so it was decided to leave the line at least through the winter months.  M was a total rockstar this time with the anesthesia and recovery.  She's been smiley and silly and just now fell asleep.  I just went and grabbed some dinner - a delectable tray of Lunchables (for old time's sake, P) and a muffin the size of my head!  The hospital is so full tonight that we are sharing a room - never thought that'd happen. Our roomie is awake and crying a lot so hopefully we'll catch a few winks here and there.  She was a July preemie and her mom is very sweet - we have a lot in common.  In any case, we should get the boot in the morning and be on our merry way back home. :)

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