Sunday, November 21, 2010

A Mish Mash

Nothing really new to discuss, but I have some updates all the way around.

E scored an appointment with his neuropsychologist for Dec 13.  We're on the short list if they have a cancellation earlier.  The nurse that called me back said the doctor was anticipating this visit - whatever that means.  I guess it probably means he's following a typical course and this is around the age kids have difficulties?  In any case, I'm grateful we get to see her so soon.  Incidentally, the last two days have been pretty good.  Other than the typical "boy stuff," he's been fairly happy and peaceful.

Kevin scored a deer this morning, roughly 16 minutes after getting out in the woods!  YAY for my mighty hunter putting food in the bellies of his family!

M gets to see her (and my) most favoritest doctor in the entire world tomorrow!  We have gone SIX WHOLE MONTHS without a visit to neurosurgery - a record!  While it may sound twisted, I'm so excited to go tomorrow.  There is a peace and a happiness I feel when we see that doctor - strange since he's cut into my little girl's head 14 times.  Truth is, we LOVE him - truly.  We've been through hell and back with M's neurosurgical status and he's seen us through it all.  He's fought just as hard as she has and never once even considered giving up on her.  He has always been there for us - anytime day or night, in person, on the phone.  He has never acted like we were a bother.  If we ask for him, he is there.  I can't wait for him to M and all that she has accomplished in the last six months.  Prior to her appointment, she'll have an ECHO to check the status of her distal shunt catheter.  I am praying it is still happy and comfy where it sits and we don't have to replace it.  Although, I'd be slightly surprised at that considering how much she's grown!

Christmas is coming - in case you didn't realize.  I feel like I'm pretty far ahead at the moment.  There's a nice big, green tote downstairs full of presents - clearly marked (and booby-trapped, of course) for all to KEEP OUT of.  My sweet, lovely babies were wide awake at 4:45 this morning, so rather than fight the sleep monster, we got up, showered, ate and headed off shopping.  E is so anxious to get the Christmas decorations up.  I've promised him we can do it next Sunday when Daddy gets home from hunting.  I've started a baking list, but it's a bit to early to tackle it yet. 

I guess that's about it for today.  I'll try to report on the big appointment tomorrow afternoon.

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Michelle said...

This must be a record....2 posts in 3 days! I love it. Can't wait to hear good neuro news!
I wish I was as zen as you when the early waking monster wakes up the kids...i fight it unsuccesfully. I must learn to give in!