Wednesday, November 17, 2010


After last Wednesday's conversation with 'Lil Miss "I'm a 20-year-old, uneducated, bitchy insurance call center rep with a chip on my shoulder" left me totally frustrated and dissatisfied yet again, I decided it was time to pull out the big guns.  I sent off a quick email to our Senator's office, whose assitant, Cindy, has always been extremely helpful and supportive.  She has provided assistance in the form of a "gentle nudge" to MA twice in the past and both times the cases in question were immediately resolved.  Today I got a call from M's pedi's office that she has suddenly been approved for 5 doses of Synagis and will receive her first shot next Wednesday.  So, not sure if it was Senator magic again, some other divine intervention, or the fact that everyone was finally sick and tired of hearing from me, but I'm thrilled that we can put this month-long fight to rest.

Yesterday, we also were delighted to receive new photos of K, who is now 3 weeks post-op and looking INCREDIBLE!!  For some reason, I feel like this fight is coming close to resolution, as well.  I sure hope I'm right about that!

I have had a difficult week and half.  I've had a headache, sometimes mild, many times severe for about 10 days now.  It's very similar to how I was feeling when I had pseudotumor last August.  With our new (and much crappier) insurance, I hesitate to run off to the doctor.  I'm praying it resolves soon.


China Dreams said...

I am happy for you that M will get her shots and sorry for you about your headache. I had a 19 day headache in July. Mine are migraines, largely hormonal but can be brought on by other things-today I'm home with one caused by heavy rain last night (the pressure). So I do pray that yours passes and has no major cause.

Jessi said...

Such great victories! I pray for you guys every time I visit your blog. And remember - you really need to take care of yourself! Don't let the headaches go on too long. You already have lots and lots to deal with, might as well feel good while doing so. Again yay! for the good reports!

Michelle said...

What a great pictures...she looks awesome! Not as awesome as if she had longer hair and super cute zutano and carter's clothes on...oh yeah and you holding her ..but cute none the less.
Glad to hear your wee one will be getting some shot action!