Tuesday, November 30, 2010


It's been a crazy week and it's only Tuesday!  Yesterday, M had her casting and she did so awesome!  The guy doing it was really surprised how well she cooperated and tolerated it.  The whole process only took 1/2 hour.  It took three times longer for us to get there!  Anyway, her AFOs should be ready in about three weeks.  We (okay, I) chose a super-cute flower design for the overlay.  We were able to get a tiny bit of Christmas shopping done afterward as well.

Today, I finally dragged myself to the doctor to address my chronic headaches, nausea, and recent dizziness.  The doc discovered quite quickly that I have a pretty significant sinus infection.  This is the second time I've turned up with a sinus infection with no preceding illness.  She also looked back at the CT I had last year during that whole pseudotumor episode and shared with me that my sinus structure is looking pretty crappy and the radiologist remarked that I had "moderate sinus disease". That would've been nice to know LAST YEAR!  In any case, if things don't clear with the antibiotics, I will most likely find myself visiting with an ENT.

After my appt, we headed down to radiology for M's repeat renal ultrasound.  Her pedi called this evening with the report.  Kidneys still look fine, but no one knows what to make of her very full bladder.  She is obviously not emptying properly and while it's not a problem now, it could quickly become one.  She is putting a call in to the Peds urology team to get their recommendation.  We're hoping that if there are procedures to be done, they can be done in conjunction with her surgery on the 15th. 

This afternoon, E was able to be seen by neuropsych.  She had a cancellation and we snagged it.  It was an emotionally draining hour and a half.  It was also very informative.  I left feeling armed with a knowledge and power I need to try and help him.  Basically, on multiple levels, he fits the criteria for an autism diagnosis.  However, because he doesn't fit the mold completely, he escapes the label.  This is good.  His sensory issues are definitely worse.  His social skills have regressed.  He is easily overwhelmed by his surroundings.  His cognitive ability is a both a blessing and a curse.  He is learning at such an amazing rate, things are so much more overwhelming to him.  She is concerned mostly with his CNS development (or lack there of).  It's impossible to know if his lack of development and control is a result of prenatal factors, premature birth, toxin exposure, lack of sensory stimuli, or physical/emotional injury/trauma.  He needs therapies.  He needs occupational therapy, a speech/language pathologist, social skills training and possibly behavioral therapy.   I left the appointment, called the school district and set the wheels in motion for an IEP to be developed.  Armed with an extensive report from his neurologist and neuropsychologist, it wasn't a problem to get it going.  We have a long way to go, but we're committed to helping our little monkey be the best he possibly can be.

We got our tree up and decorated, the house decorated and it's beginning to look like Christmas around here.  We had some flurries today and Rudolph was on TV tonight - does it get any better? 

Here's a few pics from the last week:

Check out my crazy girl "jumping" and grooving!
M's "little room" (her resonance board is coming Monday)
 All bundled up waiting for the Christmas Parade

 Every Christmas, each kiddo chooses an ornament from their country/state of birth box.  Here are this year's choices.  Louisiana on the left and Kyrgyzstan on the right.

My silly Christmas elves!

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China Dreams said...

This last picture is adorable. Glad you finally found out what ails you and that it's something very treatable.