Wednesday, April 6, 2011


It's looking unlikely that surgery will occur today because the general surgeon has a huge case that was intended to start right after Marissa's.  The neurosurgeon needed to take a kiddo down who was much more critical than Marissa.  He will be out of town the end of this week.  That said, we are in limbo and have no idea what will happen.  On the bright side (because one MUST always find one, right?), being bumped means that Marissa is, for once, not the sickest kid here.  We have bumped many of children out of the regularly scheduled surgical slots in the past.  Marissa's agitation has re-escalated and she has given herself two bloody lips already today.  She is banging her head again and biting (me) incessantly.  (I may have to get a pair of those K-9 cop training sleeves to wear for the duration of our stay because my forearms are not looking pretty)!  Hopefully we can get this done sooner than later.

UPDATE:  No surgery today - try again for tomorrow afternoon.  If that doesn't work out then we're kind of screwed. :(

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Jessi said...

oh boy... waiting is the worst.