Monday, April 25, 2011

Picture Heavy

Instead of working in my massive "to do" list today during naptime, I decided to clean the 400+ pictures off my camera.  So, you will be rewarded for my laziness!!

Wrapping up our last hospital stay - Marissa says, "It's okay, Daddy, I'll be home soon!"

So, they wouldn't cooperate for a "perfect" picture, but for some reason, I LOVE this one!

I am still stunned by how pretty she is even though I see her every day!

He just makes me smile!


Christina said...

You've got a beautiful family Shannon.

Jessi said...

Gotta love the pictures! You have such cute kids. Seriously. So much fun to see them.

Linda Schuhmacher said...

Love the pictures....Marissa to darn cute & Esen looks like his Daddy. I always say that is a God thing. :) Thanks for sharing!

Michelle said...

Such great pictures! You are putting me to shame...I guess I need to figure out how to download pictures on a computer that Lilianna did NOT kill! haha

Miracles Happen said...

So cute!! what kind of stroller does she have? WE just ordered one and wondered if it was that one?

China Dreams said...

She is pretty, but he is also handsome!