Saturday, April 30, 2011

FIVE - seriously?

I'm really having a hard time believing that my tiny, little boy is FIVE!  Four was one thing, but five is like....old!  The weather turned out to be great today and he thoroughly enjoyed his "Jake and the Neverland Pirates" party. 
Breakfast choice - Cinnamon Pop Tart and Oranges

Silly Pirate!

My "semi-professional, homemade cake"
Humiliated pirate
Birthday Boy

Who loves cake?
Happy, Happy Birthday!!!!
Please, oh please just let the kite go!!


China Dreams said...

Happy Birthday! Wonderful set of photos.


Jessi said...

Awesome job on the cake! I'm impressed :)

Kimberly said...

Happy, Happy Birthday E. You look so happy. Love the cake Shannon - I'd say professional for sure :)

Jackie said...

I am pretty sure I know how you feel. We are facing 4 soon and I just cannot believe it!

Happy Happy Birthday to your little pirate!!!!