Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Aspiration Pneumonia

We will gladly accept it and deal with it!  I know it's slightly twisted and a little sad that a huge smile crosses my face when the diagnosis is delivered, but anything beats shunt infections!  The shunts are still not deemed perfect, but her pressures are down some and CSF infection has been ruled out (YAY) so we're going to wait another 24-48 hours to see what develops.  Hopefully the ventricles will start to decompress and we'll begin to see our Dolly returning to us.  AS was the case yesterday, she had some immediate relief after today's shunt tap and now (several hours later) things are starting to turn uglier.   Here's hoping tomorrow brings more comfort and healing M's way.

Oh, on my quest to live a healthier 2011, I've abandoned my hospital cheesy potato addiction and replaced it with a not so much healthier one: De-lish-us brand popcorn. At a buck a bag it's pricey, but oh so worth it!!

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China Dreams said...

It's not good news, but better than the alternative. Glad to hear it. Good luck with the popcorn change!