Thursday, January 27, 2011

A happy surgeon

Finally - I get to see a smile on that sweet face of his! I know I have gushed on before about how much I love our neurosurgeon. I was saying to Kevin last night that I sure hoped M was in one of her silly moods when we got to her follow-up appointment today. Her doc has, unfortunately, always seen her at "her worst" and while he is always professional and optimistic, I really wanted him to see what we get to see every day - that is a happy, smiling, sweet baby girl. He was pleased and I think a little relieved, too, that things have settled down for her. Better yet, we got a pass until May when she'll return for her next MRI. She does still have some enlarged lymph nodes, one under her neck incision and one at the base of her skull, that we'll monitor for changes.  Hopefully nothing is brewing.

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