Tuesday, January 4, 2011


M had a horrible night, probably the worst one on record second to her hemorrhage last Feb.  She was inconsolable, pulling her hair, confused, had a temp of 103 and a very "junky" cough.  This should've been her easiest surgery ever, but her recovery has been terrible.  I suspect her anesthesiologist was either a sadist or pissed that she had to work late because M's throat is just trashed.  Now it's impossible to know what's neuro and what's throat related.  The neurosurg resident on call overnight didn't really want to walk her happy ass over to see her at midnight and just wanted to order some narcotics over the phone.  Sorry, not good enough for me.  Narcotics cover up neuro issues - DUH!  I wanted it documented that she was SEEN even if this chick didn't have a clue what to do with her (which she didn't).  So about an hour and a half later she showed up and remarkably M had screamed herself to sleep and looked very peaceful at that time - go figure.  She decided we should "watch her" until morning.  Anyway, this morning, her fever is down and her irritability is slightly improved.  She still has the cough and the junk and continues to pull her hair.  Her neurosurgeon feels this could all just be related to pain and wants to just see how the day goes.  She did have a CT an hour ago and some labs were ordered 3 1/2 hours ago but not yet drawn!  We shall see what those things show and how she does today.  I really hope he's right although she's never responded this way or had such a difficult time bouncing back so I fear something bigger is brewing.

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Michelle said...

I am so sorry that M is having a tough recovery. Praying for her.