Monday, January 17, 2011

Green Lights and a Smiley Girl

Just a quick update - I promise pictures (and maybe video if you're really lucky) later on)!

We operate on the traffic light system around here as far as school is concerned.  It has been the one tangible thing that has worked for E to monitor and help manage his behavior at school.  Green light is a great day with no infractions, yellow light is for minor disturbances or reminders, red light is for major infractions (basically violence or something equally as unacceptable).  Last week, having earned four green lights in a row; he goes to school Mon-Thurs; E was able to choose an fun family activity for us to do.  He chose ice skating.  He has never been.  I haven't been since I was probably 13 or 14 and Kevin hadn't been since about that age either.  We found a rink close by home that was indoor and had skate rental so we headed out yesterday afternoon. 

When we arrived, I asked the owner if it would be acceptable for us to take M around the rink a couple of times in her wheelchair so that we could go at least a bit as a family.  He happily obliged and even helped us get her out on the ice.  Once on the ice, what we got were glares and sour looks from other parents and even one jerk that kept skating by saying, under his breath "you know, that's against the rules."  We saw him go over and talk to the owner a bit later.  Anyway, after a trip around, we just took her off and I stayed back with her while the boys went out.  I get that she is young, doesn't look "obviously disabled" (whatever that looks like) and that her wheelchair looks suspiciously like a really expensive, really trendy stroller, but seriously people - get a frickin' life, we're just trying to be a normal family!!  I know, get over myself, get used to it, it's going to happen forever.  Still pisses me off, though.  Anyway, the boys did awesome.  E fell - a lot - but really seemed to enjoy himself anyway.  I was afraid he'd be all built up about going, having no idea what to expect and then hate it, but he really truly loved it!  Today, however, there are a number of ugly bruises on his skinny, little bum. :(

I'm happy (and a little hesitant) to report that M has been doing incredible these last few days.  It seems she is FINALLY feeling better.  She has been happy, squealing, smiling, eating and drinking well and sleeping soundly.  I was really starting to doubt that this latest revision would be deemed a success, but things are starting to look up for her.  This is a huge relief since anything we do from this point forward is going to be pretty drastic and possibly result in further loss of function.  We're keeping our fingers crossed.


janiece said...

I tell you--I was never part of a skating family--I maybe skated once in my life--and then I married Mr. Jock! He tricked me and got Julia out on the ice at age 2--and we've never looked back. These kids have super strong legs, Julia and Chewie have rock hard abs and I could bounce a quarter off all of their butts!! Chewie didn't know how to run when we brought him home--now he kicks some serious butt! Skating--really honestly--its an incredible sport--and I love the smiles that go with it. And as far as the jerk ass other participants--ignore them. You should see the "special needs" hockey team--pretty incredible.

Jacob's Mommy said...

"we're just trying to be a normal family"
I love that.

Michelle said...

I am so glad to hear about M...been praying hard for her! Love the videos! I love that little red thing to help your boys stay upright. We went ice skating once when I was pregnant with Benjamin and i just had to try to balance and hold Lilianna up at the same time...could have used that little red thing!