Sunday, March 6, 2011

Ethiopian Cuties

If you've had some time to peruse our new home here you may notice there are a few new buttons, links and features.  Perhaps you've been astute enough to see that there is a new agency link and a new Adoption Fund ticker.  Yes, that's right, we are pursuing another adoption and no, we have not lost our minds. 

We have always wanted a large family.  Three years ago we believed that Kamila would be our second child.  That did not happen.  Marissa came second.  For the last two years we have waited and prayed and fought hoping that Kamila would, indeed, come home.  Sadly, she has not....yet.  We are not giving up on her, but at the same time decided several months ago that we simply could not keep waiting another year and then another to see if the Kyrgyz Government would ever allow adoptions to resume.  We felt strongly that we had other children out there waiting for us. 

That proved to be true when we discovered two beautiful, very special waiting children in Ethiopia that just seem they will fit perfectly into our family.  I'm sorry that I'm not at liberty to share much about them here until we've passed the court process.  I can tell you that 'B' is a handsome, playful little boy and 'H' is a gorgeous, spunky little girl and that they were born in March and November of 2007 respectively.   Both children tragically lost their mothers, have no other siblings or family to care for them, and are currently in orphanage care.  We are hoping that the process goes smoothly and quickly so they can be home sometime this Fall.  It may be a long shot because everything really needs to fall perfectly into place, but we're sure going to work hard to make it happen.  That said, we have a LOOOONG way to go on our fundraising.  I do hope you'll check back and help us spread the word.  I'll be adding fun gadgets and fundraisers here very soon so that those who feel lead to support 'B' & 'H' will have a way to do so.

I will do my best to keep you updated as we press on.  It could turn out to be a very busy and very great year if all three of my waiting "babies" make it home!!!!


janiece said...


Michelle said...

Yeah it's official! So excited for ur family can't wait to live vicariously thru you again!

Linda Schuhmacher said...


That is awesome & I am so thrilled for all of you!!! :) We continue to pray for K. I looking forward to following this beautiful story via your blog. A blessings for all.

Jes said...

Wahoo! So happy for you guys, can't wait to follow along :)


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Christina said...

What great news to hear about your soon to be new son and daughter. And yes would it not be a blessing for all 3 of your kids to come home this year. Praying for a speedy smooth process.

Kimberly said...

OK - somehow, I got way behing - oh yeah - I made two trips to Russia in March :) lol
congratulations to you guys! I am so very excited for you! and look forward to following along!