Thursday, March 31, 2011


So, I got a phone call from Marissa's neurosurgeon early yesterday morning.  No, not his nurse or his secretary or assistant, NP or anyone else.  He called me himself.  She has had this weird, funky, rashy thing on her earlobe for about three weeks.  No one has been able to accurately diagnose it, nor have we been able to make it go away with oral antibiotics (two different types), antibiotic creams (two different types), or fungal cream.  They have cultured it twice.  Yesterday morning, two colonies - yes two, tiny, insignificant colonies of staph bacteria showed up on her culture.  Likely, they are contaminants and totally unrelated to her ear problem, however, her surgeon does not want to proceed with surgery right now.  He felt that it would be safest to wait until she was off antibiotics and off the steroid cream we are currently using (which is finally working) to ensure there is  nothing that will put her at increased risk of infection.  His exact words:  "I take no chances when it comes to Marissa."  I love that man!!

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Christina said...

Sorry Shannon that it got postponed but definitely for the better with the medicine she is on. I hope the infection goes away very quickly so this surgery can be done. Keep us updated.