Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Feelin' like a kid again

Okay, not really, but with the number of immunizations I got today, sort of.  I went in to my travel clinic appointment thinking I was pretty well set for international travel being that I have had all the childhood, Hepatitis B, A, and even Rabies immunizations, but there were four I still needed to get.  So, typhoid - check, menningococcal - check, polio - check, yellow fever - check.  Both my helpers were along today and Esen was being extremely..... well.....five, but redeemed himself when the nurse came in with the shots.  He climbed up on the table, grabbed my hand and said "Mommy, you don't need to cry, it will be done fast."  He always knows just when to turn on the charm.   Those were some pricey, non-insured immunizations, though!  I think my pocketbook hurts more than my arms!!


Jessi said...

I got those when I went to Ghana. But what I remember the most was how yucky the malaria pills made me feel. Hopefully they've gotten better in the last 10 years! I'm excited for your new adventure!

Karla Kahler said...

girl, go to the county health clinic for travel vaccinations. $10 a shot! But I am glad E was able to comfort you and help you :) sounds like a sweet moment!