Saturday, March 12, 2011

VGB Shunt Update

So, of course, I have spent the last two days researching VGB Shunts.  I have read study after study and have not found anything to sway me away from trying it for Marissa.  It is simply the best option for refractory hydrocephalus when VP shunting has failed, ventriculo-atrial and ventriculo-plueral shunting are not feasible options.  As for another opinion, our neurosurgeon is the best in his field.  HE is who the toughest cases are sent to.  HE is the one who is consulted by other neurosurgeons when they don't know what to do next.  HE is the one who sees patients from around the state and around the country when their cases are too complex to be treated locally.  There simply is no one better to get a second opinion from.  I have absolutely no reason to question anything he tells us and a second opinion would do nothing but waste precious time for Marissa.  We still have to see the general surgeon on Tuesday to discuss the procedure.  Perhaps he will have some miracle up his sleeve that will make Marissa's abdomen more hospitable to the shunt and draining fluid, but I kind of doubt it.  Currently, she is so distended she cannot bend at the waist.  She is uncomfortable and constantly gagging herself. 

In a shred of good news, last night she started rolling all over the living room which was totally amazing to watch!  I guess when you're shaped like a beach ball, it's easier to roll.  I promise I'll post a video later today.

Don't mind the chatter in the background - big brother, Esen was not too impressed with Marissa's new skills!


Jessi said...

I wish Jack could come and see your neurosurgeon! Oh the joys of living in Montana. But it sounds like you have the best, which is so good. M's issues sound so very complicated.

And yay for rolling all over the room! It was only a couple months ago that Jack learned he could get places by rolling. It's such a HUGE accomplishment!!!

Allison said...

I so wish things could be easier for little miss M. But woohoo for her rolling over!! I don't think she could get any cuter (and I love to hear her big brother in the background)!